Wednesday 28 September 2011

Ambush in Iraq

Another Monday night club, and this week, I not only managed to make it down, I had a scenario modified from the Ambush Alley games Force on Force book.
 The scene is set in Iraq, 2003, a patrol of US marines in Hummers tries to make it through a hostile town, when the Fedayeen spring an ambush.
A Fedayeen cell on a rooftop unleash a torrent of bullets and RPG's as the Americans drive in to town.
More Fedayeen on the other side of the road roll thier reaction test and fail, the US team also fail by rolling a 1, meaning they draw a fog of war card. I like this mechanic as it puts uncertain events into the game, and generally makes things more exciting. The card drawn is an UAV, which will stop the Fedayeen moving rapidly when not in LOS, or can unleash a devestating salvoe of hellfire missiles, then leaves the game.
 Derek, the US player opts for the interdiction mode, and has it flying around the area, limiting the insurgents movement.
 Not that the Fedayeen are too worried, they have several cells all in prime locations to unleash fire on the hapless yanks!
 The Americans speed on, firing their roof mounted MG's as they go, their objective, to reach the other side of the board unscathed. Unfortunately in one exchange, the US fail another reaction test, rolling a one. This time the card is an IED, applied to one random US unit. The lead vehicle is the unfortunate victim. barry, the Insurgent player rolls his 6 D10, and inflicts a catastrophic result to the Hummer, totally blowing it to bits, and killing all inside. A serious set back for the Americans, who try to contact any local British forces in the area for assistance. Derek rolls a Troop Quality check, and succeeds. 2 British Warrior IFV,s roll on to the table next turn.
 In the distance we see the lead Hummer in flames, and US marines laying down supressive fire , whilst thier colleagues try to rescue any survivors. The Warriors let rip with thier 30mm autocannons into the nearest enemy, killing almost all, as the 30mm is an intimidating weapon, the Fedayeen need to roll a TQv check, as well as a morale check, the unit fails, and is taken off the board.
The two Warriors try to support the marines, but it is too late, turn 6 arrives, and the Fedayeen have in excess of 30 points, the US only a few points to thier name. Not one Hummer managed to exit the board in time, and the IED was an unlucky turn of fate for the US, that effectively won Barry the game.That said, we all agreed it was a very realistic event, and it is the Coalition forces tactics in reacting to these unexpected events that gives the game appeal, and challenge.


  1. Thanks Lurker, It was a fun game to run. And with lots of ready to play vehicles available in 20mm I would highly recommend the system