Saturday 8 October 2011

Derby Wargames Show

October means Derby Wargames Show.

 And my good mate Graham picked up myself, mark, and Steve for our annual pilgrimage to this great event. All the usual traders were there, and a selection of great games being displayed.
One game in particular cought my eye. Set in the Monmouth Rebellion in 28mm with some gorgeously painted minis and terrain by the Like a Stone Wall wargames group. Here is an excerpt from the show programme..
SEDGEMOOR, 1685 - "The Like a Stone Wall" Wargames Group
The game seeks to demonstrate the battle of Sedgemoor, fought in 1685, as the culmination of the Duke of Monmouth's attempt to claim the English throne from his uncle, James II. The scenario will show the rebel night march through the Somerset Levels, from Bridgewater, past Chedzoy village, to try to catch the Royalist army camped around Westonzoyland unawares.
More picks from the game.

And yet more. Really inspiring stuff, well done lads on a great looking table.
 As for purchases to the lead pile. I aquired 2 more T72's from a chap selling the models from the magazine by Del Perado, and a nice T55, as well as some Cesar Miniatures Somali Militiamen...Black hawk Down here we come!" Also the new rules from Osprey/Ambush Alley, Tommorrows War, out a little earlier, but a must have after the great experience with FoF.
A good excuse to pit some of our AT43 minis against GW Guardsmen perhaps!
 Also , as we got a portion of a sprue from Warlords ECW infantry box as part of the now usual free goody bag you get with entry to the show, I asked all my non ECW collecting mates if they would mind parting with thiers..which they did! I purchased some metal pikes, and a command unit, and now have enough for another!

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