Sunday 9 October 2011

More WW2 Action

Last club day we had another WW2 Skirmish game with Rate of Fire.
 Stef had painted a squad of German infantry and a StuH 42, and so we decided to have a small scale action  verses a US Squad with a 57mm ATG.
The Germans slowly advanced towards the American line.
One group trying to work around the flank were met with a hail of M1 Garand and BAR fire.
The StuH made it's way in to cover to fire on the 57 position, killing one of the crew, the 57mm fired back, but needed to roll high to make any effect. It didn't get the score and the shot bounced off.
The US continued to try thier luck against the StuH, but kept either missing or bouncing off.
The Squad were however equiped with a bazooka. up till now it had been firing on the Wermacht units trying to get around the flank, with good results, but now the yanks brought it forward to deal with the panzer.
The 57 kept up a steady rate of fire on the StuH, all missing ( it needed a 6 to penetrate on a D6!).
Emboldened by his success, and the total ineffectiveness of the American response, Steff advanses his panzer to get a better shot, supported by a rifle group.
The Bazooka lets rip, and a lucky shot blows the tank to bits. The suporting German infantry are cut down with fire from the M1 Garands, who also get some really good throws of the die.
A lone MG42 crew in support mode are all that is left of the German command, after working it's way onto the US flank. it gives a parting shot to the yanks, killing one, then retires into the woods. A US victory, but a close run thing, as the German player was in the ascendant at the beginning of the game, but that lucky Bazooka shot changed thier fortunes for the worse.
I think more enjoyment was had with this smaller scale action than with platoon size games. We will try another one soon.

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