Wednesday 28 September 2011

Ambush in Iraq

Another Monday night club, and this week, I not only managed to make it down, I had a scenario modified from the Ambush Alley games Force on Force book.
 The scene is set in Iraq, 2003, a patrol of US marines in Hummers tries to make it through a hostile town, when the Fedayeen spring an ambush.
A Fedayeen cell on a rooftop unleash a torrent of bullets and RPG's as the Americans drive in to town.
More Fedayeen on the other side of the road roll thier reaction test and fail, the US team also fail by rolling a 1, meaning they draw a fog of war card. I like this mechanic as it puts uncertain events into the game, and generally makes things more exciting. The card drawn is an UAV, which will stop the Fedayeen moving rapidly when not in LOS, or can unleash a devestating salvoe of hellfire missiles, then leaves the game.
 Derek, the US player opts for the interdiction mode, and has it flying around the area, limiting the insurgents movement.
 Not that the Fedayeen are too worried, they have several cells all in prime locations to unleash fire on the hapless yanks!
 The Americans speed on, firing their roof mounted MG's as they go, their objective, to reach the other side of the board unscathed. Unfortunately in one exchange, the US fail another reaction test, rolling a one. This time the card is an IED, applied to one random US unit. The lead vehicle is the unfortunate victim. barry, the Insurgent player rolls his 6 D10, and inflicts a catastrophic result to the Hummer, totally blowing it to bits, and killing all inside. A serious set back for the Americans, who try to contact any local British forces in the area for assistance. Derek rolls a Troop Quality check, and succeeds. 2 British Warrior IFV,s roll on to the table next turn.
 In the distance we see the lead Hummer in flames, and US marines laying down supressive fire , whilst thier colleagues try to rescue any survivors. The Warriors let rip with thier 30mm autocannons into the nearest enemy, killing almost all, as the 30mm is an intimidating weapon, the Fedayeen need to roll a TQv check, as well as a morale check, the unit fails, and is taken off the board.
The two Warriors try to support the marines, but it is too late, turn 6 arrives, and the Fedayeen have in excess of 30 points, the US only a few points to thier name. Not one Hummer managed to exit the board in time, and the IED was an unlucky turn of fate for the US, that effectively won Barry the game.That said, we all agreed it was a very realistic event, and it is the Coalition forces tactics in reacting to these unexpected events that gives the game appeal, and challenge.

Tuesday 27 September 2011

English Civil War Goodness

At the last Club All Day meeting, my good pal Niel and I set to with an English Civil War Game, using the WHECW rulebook. Niel took the side of the King, and of course that left me with Parliament.
The Parliamentary battle line awaits the appointed hour, the  preacher giving rousing sermon to give fortitude to the host!
The troops exchange matchlock fire, as the Royalist regiments approach.
Not to mention some round shot from our two Sakers.
Royalist Curassiers soundly thrash a unit of parliamentary cavalry.
The member for Cambridge, lord commander of Horse in this battle, which is C17 speak for second in command...which was historically accurate, Fairfax was usually commander in the armies in the centre of the country, as he is in today's game.
 On the other hand we have Prince Rupert and His Majesty , accompanied by the Royal Lifeguards.
 Royalist Dragoons rout Parliaments Firelocks, causing one of the Sakers crew to run. no doubt to the nearest ale house, as for the most part Artillery crew were contracted civilians, believe it or not. The London Trained bands of Tower Hamletts refuses a flank to guard against them.
Whilst on the other flank, Royalist trotters advance, having seen off Parliaments Cavalry.
 Parliament is severely blooded, and Fairfax decides to withdraw in as good an order as he can to preserve his command.
 A fun and colourfull game, and Niel hadn't played before, but thoroughly enjoyed it.

Saturday 17 September 2011

Colours 2011

If it is September, then it must be Colours, the Newbury Wargame Societies annual Wargames Show, held in the main stand at Newbury Racecourse. Those who are in the UK, will know this is one of the premier shows on the UK calendar, and one that I and my gaming buddies enjoy taking on for both days, including a stay in an Hotel, and curry and beer, a good boys night out!
 mark and Steve are seen here discussing the disposition of the game, all thier miniatures, and Steve's hex tiles. I had no input this year at all, other than to command the Dwarves, vs the Elven Host.

 The Dwarves advance, accompanied by War mammoths, with, yes flightdecks for gyrocopters! and why not! We are not playing with Warhammer rules for this, as you may guess with so many non GW models in the game. mark concocted a set based on the Piquet system.
Some of the Dwarf commanders mounted on small dragons.
But the Elves have lots of the bigger variety on thier side!
 All these big models, coup[led with the sheer scale of over 1500 models on the table atracted alot of attention, including Henry Hyde from Battlegames magazine, and the team from Miniature Wargames, so you never know we may have our mugs in the mags again!
 Mark Steve and Niel working out a combat.
Some of mark's lovely dwarven units with enormous banners, supported by the ubiquitous Dwarf Artillery.
And finally a shot of one of the War mamoths. Who, after being blasted by Elven Archery and magic, goes bezerk, and stampedes it's own army..they don't look pleased!
 A great weekend, and yes I did purchase some bits....more modern armour and Technicals for Force on Force, and some French Chasseur a Cheval for my Napoleonics, together with the new supliment for Black Powder, dealing with the 7 years war period..luvvly!
now 2 posts in one day...does that keep the count up a little!

Rate of Fire at the Club

Well I am finally geting some gaming in again, and this week I played a Rate of Fire game with Barry and Derek commanding the US and myself with the German FJ defending a road junction
Barry advances one of the US squads to lay fire down on the MG42 position, and spotting for the US 60mm mortar located behind the hill to the left of the pic.
Close up of the squad in the wood as barry positions them.
 The German defenders lay down fire from thier prepared position.
 The MG42, mortar marker and all, try to pin Derek's .30 MG's as they take position in the centre.
Whilst the other 2 squads try to push round the German Flank.
Only to find the Germans have another squad covering that flank too!
View of the German Centre, with MG42 and supporting infantry, all nicely dug in!

The chaps enjoyed thier first foray in to Rate of Fire, and Derek said the mechanics reminded him of Space marine, some may know it as Epic. He invited me to have a game next time he was at club, so an interesting report to come I think!

Saturday 3 September 2011

Egypt Vs Hittites

 Well I finally managed to make it to the club last Monday, and set to with a WAB game with my good friend Brian, using my Hittites and Egyptians. I worked out two 1700 pt forces and Brian elected to fight with the Egyptians. I set up the terrain for kadesh, and we decided to fight a what if, using the Hittite infantry and Charriots that had been left in reserve on the actual battle.

 Egyptian Archers and supporting Nubian skirmishers deploy, and begin loosing arrows into the Hittites.
 Hittite heavy Charriots with Light charriots and runners behind

View of the battle from the towers of kadesh. Hittite Infantry prepare to repel Egyptian Charriots and Runners
 Egyptian Charriotry with supporting Charriot Runners.
 Hittite Heavy Charriots engage Egyptian Archers, whilst Charriot Runners demonstrate in the Centre, leaving the Lights to try and work thier way round the flank, throwing javelins as they go., with the King and BSB in the centre giving support.

A great game, and a welcome gaming fix after such a long absence. next week is Colours in newbury, so I will report on that next time.