Saturday 3 September 2011

Egypt Vs Hittites

 Well I finally managed to make it to the club last Monday, and set to with a WAB game with my good friend Brian, using my Hittites and Egyptians. I worked out two 1700 pt forces and Brian elected to fight with the Egyptians. I set up the terrain for kadesh, and we decided to fight a what if, using the Hittite infantry and Charriots that had been left in reserve on the actual battle.

 Egyptian Archers and supporting Nubian skirmishers deploy, and begin loosing arrows into the Hittites.
 Hittite heavy Charriots with Light charriots and runners behind

View of the battle from the towers of kadesh. Hittite Infantry prepare to repel Egyptian Charriots and Runners
 Egyptian Charriotry with supporting Charriot Runners.
 Hittite Heavy Charriots engage Egyptian Archers, whilst Charriot Runners demonstrate in the Centre, leaving the Lights to try and work thier way round the flank, throwing javelins as they go., with the King and BSB in the centre giving support.

A great game, and a welcome gaming fix after such a long absence. next week is Colours in newbury, so I will report on that next time.

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