Tuesday 27 September 2011

English Civil War Goodness

At the last Club All Day meeting, my good pal Niel and I set to with an English Civil War Game, using the WHECW rulebook. Niel took the side of the King, and of course that left me with Parliament.
The Parliamentary battle line awaits the appointed hour, the  preacher giving rousing sermon to give fortitude to the host!
The troops exchange matchlock fire, as the Royalist regiments approach.
Not to mention some round shot from our two Sakers.
Royalist Curassiers soundly thrash a unit of parliamentary cavalry.
The member for Cambridge, lord commander of Horse in this battle, which is C17 speak for second in command...which was historically accurate, Fairfax was usually commander in the armies in the centre of the country, as he is in today's game.
 On the other hand we have Prince Rupert and His Majesty , accompanied by the Royal Lifeguards.
 Royalist Dragoons rout Parliaments Firelocks, causing one of the Sakers crew to run. no doubt to the nearest ale house, as for the most part Artillery crew were contracted civilians, believe it or not. The London Trained bands of Tower Hamletts refuses a flank to guard against them.
Whilst on the other flank, Royalist trotters advance, having seen off Parliaments Cavalry.
 Parliament is severely blooded, and Fairfax decides to withdraw in as good an order as he can to preserve his command.
 A fun and colourfull game, and Niel hadn't played before, but thoroughly enjoyed it.

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  1. Great report and nice photos too!!! They're not a bad set of rules, I've never actually played them but read and re-read them loads of times.