Saturday 17 September 2011

Colours 2011

If it is September, then it must be Colours, the Newbury Wargame Societies annual Wargames Show, held in the main stand at Newbury Racecourse. Those who are in the UK, will know this is one of the premier shows on the UK calendar, and one that I and my gaming buddies enjoy taking on for both days, including a stay in an Hotel, and curry and beer, a good boys night out!
 mark and Steve are seen here discussing the disposition of the game, all thier miniatures, and Steve's hex tiles. I had no input this year at all, other than to command the Dwarves, vs the Elven Host.

 The Dwarves advance, accompanied by War mammoths, with, yes flightdecks for gyrocopters! and why not! We are not playing with Warhammer rules for this, as you may guess with so many non GW models in the game. mark concocted a set based on the Piquet system.
Some of the Dwarf commanders mounted on small dragons.
But the Elves have lots of the bigger variety on thier side!
 All these big models, coup[led with the sheer scale of over 1500 models on the table atracted alot of attention, including Henry Hyde from Battlegames magazine, and the team from Miniature Wargames, so you never know we may have our mugs in the mags again!
 Mark Steve and Niel working out a combat.
Some of mark's lovely dwarven units with enormous banners, supported by the ubiquitous Dwarf Artillery.
And finally a shot of one of the War mamoths. Who, after being blasted by Elven Archery and magic, goes bezerk, and stampedes it's own army..they don't look pleased!
 A great weekend, and yes I did purchase some bits....more modern armour and Technicals for Force on Force, and some French Chasseur a Cheval for my Napoleonics, together with the new supliment for Black Powder, dealing with the 7 years war period..luvvly!
now 2 posts in one day...does that keep the count up a little!

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