Saturday 17 September 2011

Rate of Fire at the Club

Well I am finally geting some gaming in again, and this week I played a Rate of Fire game with Barry and Derek commanding the US and myself with the German FJ defending a road junction
Barry advances one of the US squads to lay fire down on the MG42 position, and spotting for the US 60mm mortar located behind the hill to the left of the pic.
Close up of the squad in the wood as barry positions them.
 The German defenders lay down fire from thier prepared position.
 The MG42, mortar marker and all, try to pin Derek's .30 MG's as they take position in the centre.
Whilst the other 2 squads try to push round the German Flank.
Only to find the Germans have another squad covering that flank too!
View of the German Centre, with MG42 and supporting infantry, all nicely dug in!

The chaps enjoyed thier first foray in to Rate of Fire, and Derek said the mechanics reminded him of Space marine, some may know it as Epic. He invited me to have a game next time he was at club, so an interesting report to come I think!

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