Friday, 25 March 2011 gladius point!

As promised...a little belatedly due to a stint in game from last Monday at club, with my Roman Legion, Vs Derek's Celts, a 2000 pt Warhammer Ancients v2 game.

the beginning of the battle, and Derek has deployed lots of impetuous youths with pointy sticks in a screen in front of his ammassed host.  My Sagitarii on the hill loose a volley in to them, causing a morale test, that they fail, a good start. Next I lob rocks from my Tormenta, and bolts from my scorpions to thin the ranks of the central war band.

Whilst my attention is fixed firmly in the centre, Derek moves his Charriotry, and light cav on one flank, and moves his noble cav into the woods on the other.

As you see Dereks' brushmanship is superb, and it is a pleasure to play against these models.
I respond by charging the Charriots with my Roman Auxillia cav. They come off worst however, and are run down in thier flight.
 The Celt light cav move round to threaten the flank. The  Celtic allied skirmishers I deploy as a road block on the flank, see the Roman Cav cut down before them, fail thier 4" test and flee also.

I decide to drop another ballistae rock this time on to the Charriots...only to go wide and miss.

Right, time to charge the warbands I is either that or be on the recieving end of multiple charges next turn...

this I do, and am only partially successfull in pushing back one warband. The next turn the charriots and light cav descend upon me...
 and on the other flank the third war band, supported by the Noble Cav out of the wood , charge into the unsuspecting Sagitarii.

Derek charging the Celtic Charriotry.

Thus surrounded, the Romans go down fighting...could this have been how the IX Hispana met its end ?
Another great may notice I lose quite a bit...but that doesn't detract from an entertaining game,played with good friends, which is what our hobby is all about (and probably why I don't like tournaments!)

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