Sunday 13 March 2011

Apocalypse Now

Today at the Club, we had our Apocalypse game, well, it was more of a large 40K but without Force Org rules. Anyhoo I was allied with some Eldar, Vs Ultra Marines, Chaos and Sisters of Battle....I always knew that lot were suspect!. Mike had worked out a scenario with a line of Webway Portals that we could use to teleport between, not that anyone did, and some objectives, and special mission rules for each faction.
My Blood Angels and our Eldar allies began proceedings with a turbo charged race for the river in the middle, where the portals lay. Then an almighty barrage of fire to take out as much as we could.

My classic Whirlwind.. laying down a barrage amongst the Ultramarines
the BA and Eldar speed towards the centre, note the squad of Scouts in the long reeds near the ford.

the other flank saw my Scout bikes, marine atack bikes and speeder squadron rush forward.
the oposition made some maneuvres, taking out one of my predators, and a few other shooting moves, but most significantly launched a drop pod right on my Devastator Squad position, near one of the objectives

this put the cat amongst the pidgeons as you might imagine. My Eldar ally assured me he could deal with the problem, so I took my reserve rolls, both arrived, and both on target.

the Storm Raven, complete with Dreadnought and squad of Sternguard. This unloaded it's weapons on the hapless Defiler to it's front, yes all the Bloodstrikes too!

Drop 2 the deepstriking landrader...hoo yah! thanks to the machine spirit, I launched a salvo of Lasgun shots at the Ultramarines landraider before me, 6 to hit. 6 to pen...6 result..BOOM...hoo yah!  Unfortunately, the Terminators AND the plague marines decided to exact revenge and blew it up in turn!

Mike had a few more GM move plays to pep up the action, a liberal scattering of LICTORS around the board...we had one pop up right in the squad where the Drop Pod landed....nice! This left our gallant Captain to single handedly deal with the disgorging Ultramarine Sternguard squad, plus ...oh joy, they brought a librarian! this combat ended with the death of both Heros and the reduction of the squad to 1 marine...the Devestators dealt with thier bug problem with far fewer casualties.
 It was now getting quite late, so we all decided to call it a day. But a great game, enthusing us to try another in coming months.
Close up on Ultramarines position, with Sisters Rhino, and Assasin. Eldar jet bikes advance in the distance.


  1. That is one fine collection of vintage-Rhino hulled tanks! Love it!

  2. Thanks Annon...the Blood Angels were my first 40K army back in the Rogue Trader lots of the minis are original release.