Sunday 6 March 2011

Host of Angels

Well, as promised my Stormraven has been completed, and I thought it would be nice to show the whole army!
Yes I know some are painted green! This was the first 40K army I painted, and coming from an Historical background as I do, I felt that they would Camo thier vehicles.... yes Herecy...since then I have painted red! I also did a test paint on one of my Predators that was green, and the red paint job wasn't too bad, so I will try to rectify the greenness in future weeks! I also wondered how big this force was so did a little force work out on Army Builder , the fantastic army organisation software from lone Wolf Developement, and this little lot come to over 4000 pts.
In this shot you see my Sanguinor, with the two predators, the one on the right, with autocannon is the one I re painted. Now although I have mostly original marines from Rogue Trader, as things have evolved it has been either not possable to have early minis, or I have simply taken a fancy to a model, or as in the case of the Sanguinor, he just wasn't out then! It is great that my favourite Marine Chapter is being given all this attention from GW though...and I can even field both of my Dreadnoughts if I so wish...note to self must get new dreadnought kit for use as Death Company Dreadnought....

Ah thar she goes! my new Stormraven, tooled up with Typhoon Missile launcher,the 2 shots and either a blast or anti armour capability make it usefull for multiple situations, plus the Huricane Bolters on the side will take care of most infantry squads, A twin linked Assault cannon in the turret, and of course the four Bloodstrike missles under the wings. This loadout will hopefully cover most eventualities,and with my Sternguard and one of my Dreadnoughts on board it is all kitted out to strike deeply into enemy territory and take objectives....nice!

In this shot you will see I even painted the pilot and gunner . This is done by not fixing the canopy to the model but spraying up the model, painting the twu crew, then gluing the clear plastic to the canopies and affixing them to the hull. A word of warning,when I painted the turret, I left it off the main hull but then found that the guns meant you couldn't turn the turret such that the lugs engaged with the slots in the turret ring. I had to carefully remove one of the guns to enable me to get the turret into place.
Still we are all set for the big game this coming Sunday!
 You may be wondering on the Spartans I purchased at the same time as the Stormraven. well they are constructed and undercoated, I will report on them when they are done, but in the mean time there is nothing like an upcoming game to get the figures pumped out!

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