Tuesday 8 March 2011

Roman Vs Celts

More battle reports...you lucky people!
 Last night at the club my old Chum Brian and I set to with Early Imperial Romans Vs Celts using Warhammer Ancient Battles. Brian commanded the Celts, and formed up his two 40 miniature warbands in the centre, with a 24 fig warband of Fanatics to thier left, and skirmishers to the front. on the right flank were 2 squadrons of three light charriots each, and on the right flank a band of 5 Noble Cavalry.

 I as Roman commander elected to take the High ground with 3 cohorts each of 20 minis, to the left a contubernium of  10 Sagitarii (western Archers to you!) and to the right a Scorpion,with my general in the centre rear of the line.
 Brian proceeded with advancing his Noble Cav into a wood on his left table edge, and advancing the Charriots, and Skirmishers forward. He had taken his Warband test, passing all.
We even have spectators for the game, another pal, Barry looks on from the side lines!
In my turn I loosed the Scorpion ( you can hardly "fire" a catapult!) but missed, and loosed some archery at the skirmishers, being as that was the only target presented to me, and missed, predictably. But you have to have a go!. Brian then advanced the Charriots and skirmishers further, throwing javelins, which bounced of my Heavy Armour, I threw some javelins back, and also skewered a few Fanatics with the Scorpion. The Celtic advance continued, and the Noble Cav decided to emerge from the trees, and charge the Scorpion, the crew fled, leaving the Nobles in javelin range of the third Cohort, that thanks to it's Drilled ability promptly moved to face in my turn. On the other Flank, the Chariotry charged the Sagitarii, and as this is WAB 2 they cause fear in infantry, so the Archers promptly fled.

My turn saw more javelin exchanges, and the Noble cavalry being cit to 3 figs from the original 5. The Charriots persued the Archers from the table and chased after them, leaving the table just to the rear of my hill. They faild both turns Ld tests to return, too!
 Brians Warbands were now getting ominusly close, so my Roman General decided taking refuge in the second cohort would be wise. At this point both the Fanatics and the right flank warband threw 1's on the WB test, and promptly charged the Roman line,"at last" I thought. Despite the Fanatics fearsome reputation, Brians dice were abismal, but mine were not, such are the fortunes of war, and the naked Celts showed a not too clean pare of heels, amongst other parts of thier anatomy! The other warband fared not much better, but thanks to thier overwelming numbers could give ground rather than flee. This is one of the new mechanisms in WAB 2 that i like.

Unfortunately it was at this point that we ran out of time, but a good fun game.  I felt I had Brian on the ropes, he of course was of a contrary opinion. I think this calls for a re match.

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