Tuesday, 1 March 2011

4 Way 40K

A great club night at the Gladiators last night. And a few of my Orks got thier combat debut's.
 The game was between myself, Orks, Mike- Chaos Beasts, Lee- Marines, and Steve-Marines.
 We each had an objective marker, and another objective in the centre. All HQ's started in the centre, and then we rolled for first turn. I came on first, and made a bee line for the nearest two objectives. There were three in close proximity, so it was obviously going to get hot very quickly.
Lee (green shirt) and Steve (blue Shirt) settle thier differences on one corner of the table . Lee's are the Ultra marines, Steve's the Welsh themed Chapter of his own creation in green white and red.
My Orks come thundering on, lead by the battlewagon, of course. I actualy managed to get the Death Roller in action, as various shots from the imperials bounced off the 14 front armour Yes those Terminators you can see in the distance were the target of rolling orky death!, only managed to get one trapped in the mechanism though, and they then tried to assault it in thier turn. Sorry boy's going too fast, and they missed the to hit roll. Waagh!
Mikes Chaos beasts, and a Demon Prince decide to deep strike in the middle of all this, and the Demon Prince has a go against no less a personage than Marneus Calgar and his retinue. This battle royale slugged out for the rest of the game, meaning my sneaky orks could concentrate on the real business of grabbin' objectives.

My Nobs Wagh charge the nearest Ultramarine Tac squad, but thanks to thier chapter masters presence, the stalwart boys in blue refuse to yield.
The Ultramarines try to tame the Chaos Prince with a Venerable Dreadnought..nah that didn't work!
One good swat and he is for the scrap bin..."for Macragge ...And we shall know no fear!!"

The game ended as we ran out of time. Steves Welsh marines, Mikes Chaos, and my Orks each had an objective firmly in our grasp. Lee managed to contest an objective with my green horde, so a three way draw. Great game!
 We are planning a big Apocalypse game on the all day meet in a couple of weeks time, so look out for another battle report.

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