Tuesday 17 May 2011

Sailing ships and Shermans

A bit of a double helping this time! Firstly I had another game with the WW2 28mm stuff at club last week. Androped in a couple of noobs to see how they liked it. And it went down very well. Steff and I took the US forces, with a full infantry platoon, 2x .30 cal HMG and 2x 60mm Mortars, with 3x Shermans. Opposing us in defence was a platoon of FJ< with an MG42 HMG and 50MM Mortar, a StUG IIIG and a Pzkpfw IV G..note to Steve PZKpfW is the generaly accepted short hand for Panzer Kampf Wagen !! ( poor dear couldn't find Panzer 4 in the book!!) or is it just us old grognards that take it for granted!

US forces advance with tank suport.

German FJ platoon opens up causing several casualties and forcing the yanks to dive in to a hedge for cover.
 PzKpfW IV moves up in support, and takes out one of the Shermans. They reply but to no effect.
On the other flank the MG42 HMG makes life even more hellish for the advancing Americans, causing more casualties on the other squad.
PaK 38 keeps vigil on the tee junction objective (the marker can be seen on the road in the distance)
 The Germans had the US on the ropes at this point, and drove up the StuG to join in on the Sherman's destruction. A well set up defence by the German commander meant that there was no hope for the US on the ground. I think in reality some Thunderbolts would have been called in to sort them out, but the ground war was definatly won by Gerry this time!

Next to last nights game with Steff, and we go back in time a couple of hundred years. The Age of Sail, and Nelson's Royal Navy
Steff asked for some Naval wargaming, and I offered to get my Sailing ships out, using Warhammer Historical's Trafalgar rules. Now I haven't played this for a few years so I had to brush up on the rules beforehand. I also decided to keep it simple, and not apply any of the more advanced concepts in the game. This made for a fast, and enjoyable game, with not too much referring to the rules. Just how I like it.
A general view of the game. Note the Weather guage on the island nearest us. This instrument is important in deciding initiative as well as wind effect on the ships.
Two French 1st rate 120 gunners sail round the island to engage the RN
 Only to find the British have already devestated the Dutch allied Frigate that ws sent to the other side of the island to head the British fleet off, note the "ablaze" marker on the dutch frigate "Gilder". the two French man o war are under full sail, as seen with the green markers. A British 1st rate with the Admiral on board also has all sheets to the wind to close on the French. Also note the turn tool in the top left of the pic.
British 3rd rate ship of the line.
A great game, we will be doing more of this!


  1. Nice work and two games aswell, git.

  2. To be fair the Sailing ships were painted by a friend of mine years ago (damn the rigging!)but they are very nice..must get him to do more!

  3. Great looking games, don't take any notice of the monkey above, he is ginger after all!!

  4. You have seen my pic on the welcome post, Ray?Before any more Ginger comments come out!