Wednesday 25 May 2011

Necrons are Nasty

OK...I got beaten, again! In my defence I thought James was bringing his Ultramarines,*gulp* I mean I didn't even know he had necrons...blub..or I would have *sniff* brought my Bloood Angels..waaaagh!!

They do look nice though. And it is great to have another faction in the club.
This character and his retinue started the problems. Aparently it has a matter transport capability, and it beamed in right behind my lines,with a retinue. It causes naturaly my warboss gets a 10 and promptly leggs it! does my Meganobz...well they are a combat debut, so they at least have an excuse! All that remains to fight them are my Killer kans, and they don't win!
Da ladz jump ot of thier Trukk, and run over a hill...oops!
There are alot of these metal monsters, and they keep getting back up!
And lots of them seem to spew out more little meanies!!
 Best send in Da Bikkerz!
But thematerializing meanie transports to the top of yonder hill after wreking my Killer kans, and obliterates them....fortunately there is a trukk of Nobs following on behind, so they jump out and assault..

Trouble is, you don't win when you roll 1's and your opponent doesn't!

And there are more...mind you I managed to kill one of these with the Zap Gun on my big trukk.
 Ah well, that is why I call this blog dice like dave!, because with dice like mine....


  1. The dice can be brutal my friend.

  2. That's a great looking game and a story well told.

  3. A scary looking face-off with the Necrons - and the metallic horrors are getting a new monstrous creature and codex by the sound of things. A giant metal centipede with vicious barbs and whatnot, I believe - which deep strikes, to boot.