Tuesday 31 May 2011

Force on Force

Another great evenings gaming at the club. This week, I decided to try Force on Force again, but with the tank rules. As I am still learning the system we decided to keep things simple, and just get the hang of the combat and opposed dice mechanic, leaving morale to be tried later. For this we played the Golan heights scenario in the main rules. I have lots of 20mm Airfix  Centurions painted in IDF colours and used as Sho't tanks.
The scenario calls for the IDF to defend against 2 troops of 3 Syrian T62m tanks who are attempting to cross the Golan Heights in to Israel. Due to the interest from club members, we upped the ratio of vehicles, and had 3 Sho't 's and 3 troops of 3 T62m's. We see here one hapless Israili tank KO'd on the reverse slope of the heights.
But not after giving a good account of itself. One Syrian burns, whilst the other is KO'd in the distance.
More Syrians giving covering fire on the left flank.
Whilst the right pours over the golan past the KO'd israelis.

The game whent well, and was over fairly rapidly. Even with working out the rules, so we decided to try another scenario. I wanted an excuse to try my recent purchases from Partizan anyhow. I had found a great trader who was selling 20mm plastic modern figs from Caesar miniatures. 42 minis for £6. You cant go wrong! so I purchased the modern US Army, and the Terorist pack. He also had some vehicles as similarly good prices. I think these may have been surplus stock from one of those magazine deals. You know the thing, buy a mag and it comes with a model. Well I purchased to M1 Abrahms at £5.30 each, and 2 Bradleys at £7 each. Bargain!
So the next game, again out of the book, involved US Marine M1's clearing an Iraqui town of T72's. We had to scale the scenario down a bit, as I only had 2 M1's rather than the 4 required, but it seemed to work.
M1 Abrahms enters the town. You may notice I had weathered the model with a bit of dry brushing to get the new shine off of the model. this was a simple but effective measure.
T72 stand in wait.

The other M1 drives down one flank, and the Iraquis move two other T62's to cover the town square.
A tank duel ensues, the Iraquis losing 2 T72's Steve decides to try and get round the American with his surviving T72, whilst Peter covers with his vehicles from the other side of the square.
The M1 fires a few rounds but misses, and decides to drive forward to make his objective ofdriving off the Iraqi board edge. However some really unlucky die rolls by the American, and some half decent rolls from Peter KO the Abrahms. Much to the delight of Steve!
 The other M1 drives round the corner to engage Peter from the flank. However as Peters T72's are well concealed, they recieve a good cover modifier, and survive. Peter returns fire, and disables the Abrahms gun. Proof that even with T72's at close quaters you still can win against an M1!
 A great game. We will be playing more Force on Force soon, trying some more of the scenarios.

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