Monday 2 May 2011


Well, I decided, like so many owners of the game, to paint up my Descent, Journies in the Dark, game miniatures.
  And for thosewho have the game, you will know there are lots of them in the core box set.
the whole project probably took in theregion of 20 hours to complete. All Friday, and all of Sunday, basicly. The majority of the work was taken in acurately copying the paint schemes on the character cards to the players hero miniatures.
Not too bad a representation I think.
 It was an interesting task as I have not painted essentially board game pieces before, and the plastic is not of the same quality as miniatures used for wargaming.That said it took the undercoat spray readily enough, and then Islapped on the pigment as usual.
A Naga leader (indicated by the red border to the base)
A pair of Hell Hounds. Leader, and ordinary.
A Giant and a Leader Demon
 An Ogre.
It has put me to thinking weather I should paint the Battlelore figures ...but I have lots of Napoleonics to well as scores of other "proper" painting jobs. We will see how long this stint of unemployment lasts. I may well have the time for many projects.


  1. Don't know much about the boardgame but those miniatures look good.

  2. Looking great Dave, we must do that campaign you mentioned at some point!