Sunday 8 May 2011

ECW at the Club

Another all day Sunday at the club, and Steff and myself had an ECW game.
I took Royalist and Steff parliament. We each had 3 regiments of P&S , Parliament had 2 sakers and 2 light guns, a unit of Dragoons, 2 units of trotters, one with Carbine, one with Heavy armour, and a unit of Gallopers in light armour. The King had a unit of Curassier Gallopers, a unit of Armoured Gallopers, and an unarmoured unit of trotters, a Saker and two light guns, and a unit of 18 Firelocks. The King also had his Gentlemen Pensioners, and the Royal Standard. The scenario was that Parliament had decided to push the Royalists from a sleepy English Village, and so the King was in a defensive posture, with Ruperts Regiment behind hedges, and the Firelocks in woodland covering the main road to the settlement.
Steff advanced his Dragoons down the road to sort out the Royalist Firelocks.
The Firelocks fired upon the hapless Dragoons and caused 25% casualties, however the parliamentarians passed thier morale, and dismounted.
 On the other flank the parliamentary cavalry emerged through the woods to charge into the Royalist horse.
 The King's men got the worst ofthis, and broke, leaving a unit of gallopers vunerable. And sure enough the parliament's Horse persued straight to the Royalist flank.
Ruperts Bluecoats take refuge behind a hedgeline. but the parliamentary artillery gets it's range, and shot soon thins the ranks
Parliament send more heavy cavalry round the wood to pin the Royalist horse from the front, whilst the Parliamentary carbiniers do thier bloody work from the flank. This is all too much for the kings men and the cavalry soon start to run.
The Firelocks wither the dragoons down to size on the other flank, and the decimated troopers flee the field.
Fairfax decides to send in a full infantry Regiment to sort out the knaves,and force thier way into the hamlet. He also decides that after suffering Royalist Artillery all game he has had enough and advances the other two regiments in support of the cavalry's success.

 At this point Steff had to go home, but I think we knew where the game was going from here! I then packed up the toys, and set up for tommorrows 28MM WW2 to follow!

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