Thursday 14 April 2011

War in the Age of Reason

Just to prove...if proof were needed that Iam in fact a text book example of the wargaming "butterfly", today my good friend Graham and I had a game set in the early 18th century, using Age of Reason rules. I commanded my Russians, and Graham an allied force of his Swedes and some new Danes fresh of the painting table. we set up in typical linear fashion.
My Russians on the right, Graham on the left. This game weas quite lengthy, and lasted all day. so I will give a synopsis of events, rather that blow by blow account.
 Firstly you may note atthe top of the picture there are several enclosures, we rushed to capture as many of these as we could in the first moves of the game.

we than sat, staring over our respective stone walls, lobbing the occasional cannon ball to test the opposition.
On the other flank, after a bit of maneuvering I initiated a cavalry charge with my Currassier. This went very well, routing the first unit, causing the second to attempt Square a wood, becoming disordered in the prossess. Such that when the Currassier brokr through and charged them, they to fled. A good days work!

You see the red markers indicating Routed status,and my Curassier in the background. However the Guard troops (white flag yellow uniform) next to them, began causing problems so I withdrew the cavalry.

I then decided to try and exploit the initial success by advancing in the centre against these Danish units. This was not as well co ordinated however, and through various moves of fire the attrition was showing on my Grenadier regiments.

Graham maneuvered his dragoons to try and exploit this weakened centre, but I charged with my Currassier again and routed them, and a regiment of Danes. However, now deep behind Grahams lines, he charged his Currassier into the flank of my own and destroyed them. The charge I made to rescue the situation by my Dragoons managed to wreck 2 gun batteries however.
Grahams Currassiers move off to counter my Cavalry maneuvers on the Danish right.

There then ensued some action at last in the enclosures on the other flank. Initiated by the Swedes there was a half herted advance by the light troops, only to be repulsed by Russian howitzer and musketry fire.

I advanced some units to the side of these enclosures, but was attacked in turn, and defeated, so all in all no over all advantage was gained.
Graham then pushed on the other flank with his Royal Guards lead by the King.

And supported by his Currassier. By this time Graham had accrued enough attrition points to warrant an army withdrawal test. However, not so many as to make his loss certain, and he easily managed to roll a low score, so avoiding defeat.

Soon, I too had accrued a high enough number of attrition points...however I didn't manage a low roll, and was forced to retire the field. A hard fought game however, and the result could so easily have gone the other way..".a no score draw " offered Graham.  " untill next time! " I replied.

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