Thursday 28 April 2011


OK, So what has Dave been up to since Salute....Painting! Lots! As some may know I have been recuperating from an operation I had at the end of march, and have been filling my time with painting through the lead mountain! Some of you will also know that a couple of years ago I decided to do a refight of Kadesh, using Warhammer Ancient Battles. I had purchased two massive armies from Newline Design, to which I had added a few more units more recently,including a pack of three armoured Egyptian Charriots by Old Glory. I had also purchased some palm trees from Pegasus, that I based and painted up. The actual forification of Kadesh was some walled fortification pieces that I had ages ago...I think they are Ian Weekly models. I have yet to construct the Egyptian camp...but I have ideas for that.
 Anyhow here isa set up I made to display the armies.

Hittite infantry in the cultivated area around Kadesh the Al Mukadiyah is in front, a tributary of the river Orontes, which would be to the right of the picture.......a map might help here...

The front of Kadesh, with Hittite Royal Guards .
 More Hittite infantry.River is by S&A Scenics,as is the desert cloth. Movement trays by Oshiro
Hittite King, Muwatallish
Ramses II at the head of his royal Charriot corps
The two charriot forces match off.
Hittite Charriotry and Charriot runers
And Egyptian Charriotry and Charriot Runners.
Egyptian division with Nubian archers in a screen to the front. I made two divisions, each with Nubian skirmishers, Spear men, Axe men, and Archers. I also made a unit of Sherden Guards
Note the similarity to the Hittite guards. At this time there were many invasions by what was known as Sea Peoples. These were such ferocious and effective fighters, that many were hired to serve in the armies of the time. The Pharaoh employed his as an elite personal body guard. Newline are obviously thinking the Hittite Great King did the same.
Egyptian Nubian Archers at the head of my other Egyptian Division
The Hittite King racing out from Kadesh at the head of the Third Hittite Charriot unit.

Well as you see I think all that hard work has paid off, and when the Royal Camp is made I will be ready to premier this game at Kelmarsh in the summer.

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  1. This is looking amazing Dave, what a solo effort! I can see why you need that ford you mentioned - what with all those chariots racing across the theatre, rivers and all! The map's a great touch as well.