Sunday 17 April 2011


Ah Salute, Salute! If you go to one show in the year, it must be Salute. Early start, and picked up Graham and Niel...then arrived at ExCel at 8 in the morning...second in the queue...Huzzah! The main reason for this was I knew there was a good haul in the goody bag this year...a K Lite bag from K&R Multicase..which now lies in my gaming room!
 We were treated to the usual shenanigans from the Star Wars cant really call them re enactors... well people dressed in Star wars costume! but no Daleks this year, however there was a Dr wandering around.
on entry I decided to check out the TSS/QRF stand to get some more rubber roads. I was very disapointed to find that for some reason the roads they now have are RED not dirt brown. As you may imagine I was not pleased with this, so decided to console myself with a board game. I had heard on the D6G podcast about Merchants and marauders, and of Sid Miers Civilisation board game. Not a one could be found in any of the board game traders. I was a bit dispondant now that none of my shopping list was to be filled. I did find a trader with HaT industrie 28mm I purchased the command box and marching box for French Light infantry. Very good, enough to make 2 more regiments...if they only had another box of Marching inf, there are enough command figures..including a mounted colonel, to make 2 more. Alas the 2 boxes were all they had..a poor showing I thought. I did purchase the new malifaux rulebook, then purchased some Perry's 6lbdr artillery and a box of mounted colonels, then a box of plastic French Dragoons. This cheered me up!
 I also decided to purchase the new modern rule set from Ambush Alley games, published by Osprey, Force on Force. I have some platoon 20 Arabs and Israelis somewhere, and some 1/72 tanks and vehicles.

Niel Shuk on his podcast Meeples and Miniatures raved about how good they were, so I thought I would give them a go. When I purchased the book at the Osprey stand they gave me a voucher to get a free sniper model from Empress games. I say this as whilst I was there I noticed the Fog of War card deck for the game...apparently the last ones in the country, as the deck is currently out of print..I of course snapped this up!
  After a cup of tea and a Sandwich, and lookong over each others swag...our merry trio dived back in to the frey. I purchased some napoleonic flags, and some spray paint, then some Egyptian Charriots. It is a pity that Newline are not at Salute, as they could have had lots of trade from my need for more Charriots. I will show you the forces for the Kadesh game I am creating on a future post. Indeed there are lots of traders who are basicly selling the usual suspects...GW, Privateer, Malifaux,FoW. I do like seeing the small independant and buying the more unique miniature! Talking on GW, thier Forge World was in evidence as always, and there was a new WW2 20mm rule set on offer from Warhammer Historical..intriguing as everyone has been speculating WH as dead in the water.
 I also checked out some of the games in show..this ECW siege was particularly impressive.

Well I now have more lead and plastic to add to the mountain, so I had better start painting!


  1. Heard about the early arrivals in the queue - may have been a good idea as it took them 25 minutes to get in all of the 2000 advanced ticket holders.


  2. This is off topic, but hopefully good news. I've nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award.

    What does that mean? Only positives I hope. I've posted all of the details here:

  3. Great blog dave...loads of very nice looking battles and figs

  4. Thank you fans ! Nice comments Porky.....not sure if I even follow as many blogs as is needed to pass it on...too busy doing my own and the club's blog! I will just keep doin' my thing!

  5. 8.00 in the morning, good grief that's determination, good blog.

  6. Another great post Dave, I gotta say I was very impressed with Salute this year, I ticked all my boxes off my lists except one, some Bluemoon Indain villagers,from Old Glory, but that was my fault leaving it too late and they'd sold out, :0(

  7. Good post, love those house models, can't wait to see more keep it coming!