Thursday 30 December 2010

Christmas Game 2010

Ah! the Annual game Vs Graham in my Gaming room . This year, Samurai again using Field of Glory Rules. Plus I have added the Warrior monks to the mix.
Graham thinks on the first move. Yes, those are reptile vivaria behind him! Graham had brought his Chinese and Mongol army to take on my Japanese.
My new Warrior Monk Abbot, on a cart, with Skilled Fighting monks in foreground, and Battlegroup of "Other Monks" on the crest of the hill in the background.

Grahams Light cav Xbow Mongols advance over a hill, the massed horde arrayed in the plain to thier rear.

The armies clash, with cavalry slugging it out in the fore ground, and my Bushi whaling on some chinese peasants in the background!

The battle goes well for the japanese on the right flank near the town, as can be seen in the top picture, but the Mounted Bushi with supporting Monks find it harder going against the Mongol cavalry, slowly breaking off and fleeing one battlegroup at a time. soon the Mongols manage to break through and the Monks try to muster a defence on the hill, as seen in the bottom picture.
Grahams Chinese and Mongols soon wrap up the game for him, but it was a close run thing. These are usualy the best kind of game, as both sides can see the possability of victory untill the last move of the game.
 Great fun. We plan to have another game some time before next Xmas, but think that the next Xmas game will involve Vikings, and maybe Saxons..or Normans!

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  1. Good game and I am looking forward to getting my vikings in action next year!