Sunday 19 December 2010

Board Games

Been a bit busy with work again of late...nights now, would you believe, Ye gods! Anyhoo I had time to pop over to Wargames Workshop in his new Northampton Location on opening day. I met up with some of my mates from Rushden Phoenix club, and we had a great time checking out the wares in the shop. I came away with a card game I heard reviewed on D6G a while ago, and had always meant to get. Space Hulk Death Angel
This was as good a game as I had heard, and as it allows for single player, I gave it a run through. It basicly runs the Space Hulk scenario, squad of Terminator Space marines fighting through a derelict space ship, but using some nice card mechanics to spawn 'nids . There are options for multiple players up to 6 in one game, and I can see this being a great multiplayer game. It certainly works very well solo.
I also recieved my copy of Ultramarines the 40K film.

For 40K fans who are already versed in the fluff, this is a must, I think. I certainly enjoyed it. But when Lyn, my wife was invited to vew it, she didn't enjoy the experience. She said the plot was a bit weak, and she couldn't empathise with the characters,especially as she couldnt make out who was who under the power armour. Also the main plot twist is a little obvious. Maybe. but as the first official 40K movie it is a great beginning and I hope they make lots more.
 Tomorrowv it is back to club, and a game I purchased a couple of years ago but didn't really play much afterwards. Tannhauser, by Fantasy Flight. There has been a revised issue of the rules, incorporating all the expansions to date, with a much clearer explanation of gameplay. I had purchased this V2.0 rules back in June and so we will see how this plays.

ON the painting table at the moment are lots of Samaurai Monks for the traditional Xmas game with my good chum Graham. so Field of Glory action to be reported on in a few weeks.

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