Sunday 12 December 2010

For the King!

12th December 2010 saw the ECW gmae I have been working towards played out. It certainly was a great site to see so many models on the table, and nearly all my ECW 28mms in all thier glory.
Here we see the commencement of battle, with the phoenix lads (plus one Gladiator) on the right, defending the village, and my army on the left by the river. The basic scenario was that the Royalist forces (my minis) are to press forward an attack on the parliamentary army in the town, and the Northern Army commanded by Prince Rupert ( Barry Warner's minis) are expected to arrive on the main road leading to the bridge in support.

Astleys foot and one of my Cavalry regiments advance on the rebels!

The Gentlemen Pensioners,and in the distance, His Majesty with Sir Edmund Varney,and a man of the cloth. No doubt His majesty is at prayer before giving battle!
Parliamentary Dragoons, from the collection of Carl King, take position in an enclosure.

The Parliament presses forward with it's attack. Prince Rupert was a tad tardy in urging his forces to the King's aid, and parliament makes good use of the delay surging forward to attack the numerically weaker Kings army.
Parliamentary Cavalry emerges from the woods.........

The King's forces advance to meet the challenge.

Prince Rupert's troops of the Royalist Army of the North, finally begin to arrive, but is it too late?

 The bitter contest in the centre, the weight of numbers beginning to tell on the Royalist foot.

Cavalry engage on the Flanks, whilst the Push of pike continues in the Centre. Eventually darkness falls, and the Kings army is Beaten, retreating as best it may across the River.

 A great game, using Black Powder rules, adapted for use with the English Civil War. We must do this again some time!

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