Sunday 5 December 2010

Achtung Panzer !

Well, you have seen some of my ECW minis, and  Malifaux. As people who know me will know, my interests in wargaming are varied, and the next entry demonstrates this! After purchasing the Tank Suppliment for Rate of Fire, and having a read through, I am keen to have a try out of the rules. The Infantry skirmish rules, as I said are very smooth, and have the feel of a 40K game, or FoW but not using any of the mechanisms. You do throw lots of D6 though!
 Anyway, the recent products of my painting table, have been the StuG 3 and Pz 4 I picked up from the Bring and Buy at Colours.
The StuG 3 with a nice easy paint job, based on the Fallschrimjager platoon I already have.

The Panzer 4 with the same paint job. I feel this gives a uniformity to the army and brings it together.
 The scheme is simply, base coat in Black, then using Vallejo paints I applied German Camo Beige all over, then using foam left over from a pick and pluck army box, apply a stipple effect of German Brown, then the same in Luftwaffe green. Tracks and so on in natural Steele. I then used a GW wash. This one is a must and should be in every ones paint box, Devlin Mud. Finally a look through my bag of transfers found suitable decals that were then applied. It is always a good policy never to discard any decals or transfers you acquire. you never know when they will come in useful!

I also painted my three SdKfz 251 Hanomags made by Bolt Action from Warlord Games.
I like the way these go together, the base has the track and wheel sections on it, and you just glue the hull to them, then the MG42 and gunner, nice and simple.
The interior is nicely detailed too, with all kinds of stowage moulded into the shelves inside.

And next my last FJ squad to add to the platoon. if there is one criticism, it is that there are lots of  StG44's
and not enough rifles. It would have been better to have the blister with Rifles then buy extra StG44 armed figures if you wanted to go down that route.
And lastly the complete FJ platoon,ready for action. The only thing I may get for them now is the PAK 40 from Warlord. Obviously the first game with these will be reported on here!

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