Wednesday 12 January 2011

Heretical Gaming

Well, I have been very busy since Crimbo,and have managed to get quite abit of gaming in!
 Firstly I had the game of Space Hulk : Death angel, with 5 players. And mighty fun it was too! I hertily endorse this as £20 well spent. The other players quickly got the jist of the rules and all concerned had a great time. Next, more Board Game madness, with a present from her indoors for Xmas...Horus Herecy, by Fantasy flight.
When you open the box, and you can see why they call these sized games coffin boxes..there is a mountain of stuff.

8 decks of cards, a great looking board with 3d plastic terrain, and loads of minis. I would say that the rules are a bit on the complex side, so not for beginners. But Mike and myself worked through it and managed to get a feel for the game. I think after that initial game, we could have another with more enjoyment and use of pure strategy, rather than stopping to read the rules every so often, as you do when learning a new system.

Next my Empire Warhammer army had it's first outing with the new 8th edition rules. I have had one other game with 8th, using my Orks. Not sure I like them. I think that people get to like the way a system plays, then when the next iteration is produced, and one that departs so markedly than the previous edition, there is a good possability of players moving to other systems! If 7th was still here, I would probably be playing more Warhammer, I think. But hey, here it is...

My steam tank puffs towards the enemy....Handgunners and spearmen in support.

Derek, my opponent, muses on where to put the next salvo from his volley gun. Yes this was Empire Vs Empire...and both in red and white uniforms....confusing! I suggested Dereks side play skins,and/or my side use bibs!

My army squares up. Like vs Like battles are interesting, especially when they are Human protagonists. My force was more akin to a 7th ed build, whereas Derek, obviously more proficient with the newer tome, had a big 40 man spear unit, with outriders and knights in support, and lots of guns, Volley gun, Great Cannon, and a Mortar. A fun game was had however, with plenty of help with the rules from the terraces....cheers, Terry and Steve!
 On the painting table we have the remnants of the Christmas offerings. Orks! yes the 40K kind. A Regiment box with 20 boyz, 3 bikerz and a Trukk. I also purchased some Killerkans. These are, with the exception of the boyz, nearly all completed, and I will post the pikkies for your delectation later.
 Off to the GCN AGM on Saturday, at Warhammer world in Nottingham. I do like going to Headquaters, if only to soak up the very aura of gaming, and have a pint and a burger in Bugmans!

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