Sunday 30 January 2011


Just a quick post this week, to show the results of my Blood Angel Sternguard Veterans.
The Sergeant,Chainsward and Bolter, with classic missile launcher behind.

These started off with a black undercoat, then a heavy drybrush/coat of Mechrite Red, the helmets were painted Dwarf Bronze. Then the helmets and shoulder studs recieved a coat of bright gold. Then I inked with Windsor and newton nut brown (my ink of choice!). On looking at the models I thought them to dark at this point and then added the Blood Red, but leaving recessed areas the darker shade, and around the studs on the shoulder pad. Boltgun metal on the weapon details, transfers and varnish, then a simple base job. Et Voila!
A close up on the classic weapons from left, a classic Bolt Gun,note magazine well forward on the weapon, Missile Launcher, and Meltagun.
All very nice, and just in time for the new Stormraven release. I think these boys need some classy transport!

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