Sunday 13 February 2011

Go Tell The Spartans

Work has me away all week at the moment ,so little if any time for my hoo!
 Still a couple of purchases, firstly the new Stormraven from GW. As I said in the last post, a good transport for my new Sternguard squad.
GW are making a few flyers now, and good to see them as it gives another dimention to the game. I also purchased some Ork nobs in Mega Armour
so plenty to be getting on with there...when I have some time.
 I also picked up a box of Spartan Hopolites from Immortal Miniatures. This company is fairly new on the scene, and came out with thier Hopolite plastic box set last year. I have been interested in having a go and seeing what the minis are like, so as the new Spartan box was recently added I purchased one. At only £12 for a box of 24 this is good value indeed. As you open the box, you see some slide transfers for the shields, the famous inverted V. A full colour flyer telling you a bit of the history and the sprues themselves. Very good quality, on a par with Warlord or the Perry's the other main protagonists in the plastic revolution.

Only a quick post this time, as time is short. But I hope to post on the progress made with these model projects soon.

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