Sunday 23 January 2011

40K All the way!

Like so many gamers I have an interest in 40K, or Warhammer 40,000 to give it it's full title. I was first drawn to this system back in it's first incarnation as Rogue Trader,Warhammer 40,00. in the late 80's. With this game I purchased some Space Marines and Orks. I remember I also used a model of the APC from Aliens 2 ,as at the time there were no AFV's available, I think. I did get bored with it after a while and returned to my first passion, Historical. Indeed I gave away the rules, and all the Orks to my Nephew,but did retain 20 or so of the marines in the 1st edition of their armour, now called Mk VI Corvus armour.
 About 8 or 9 years ago, my interest in warhammer, and 40K was re kindled, and I purchased the 3rd edition rules. By chance, at the Milton Keynes Show, Campaign, there were lots of the old first release model marines for sale on the Bring and Buy. I purchased the lot!
For the un initiated, this is one of the original sprues, yes I still have it! plus some of the others that I have already made up models from, but that have the odd arm or bit of equipment on. Yes even in those early days it payed to keep a bits box!.
 Now fast forward to today, and I have not only my beloved Blood Angels, but Tyranids, Guard, Chaos marines, and Orks. With all the great new stuff coming out for the Blood Angel chapter, I have kept my interest and occasionally adding the odd unit here or vehicle there. Now I was on the Forge World site a few weeks ago, and looking over the classic marine Armour sets that they do. I pondered the idea of a Veteran Squad for my marines using the Mk 6 Corvus armour . Last week, I happened to be in attendance at Warhammer World, for the GCN Annual General Meeting, as the Bedford Gladiators is a member club, and I am an area rep in my own right anyhow. Now as lots of you will no doubt be aware there is a shop at Warhammer World, that can sell, unsurprisingly, pretty much all that GW make, including the Forge World range. So I bit the bullet, and forked out £50 for two packs of 5 Corvus armoured marines, and a classic Heavy Weapon pack,consisting of 2 flamers, 2 plasma guns and 2 missile launchers. On getting home, I hadn't realised that the troops come unarmed, so a quick call to my chum Matt, and 7 Bolters were ready to equip my marines (thanks mate!).
 I decided to add some of the Bolt Guns from my classic sprues, to give the impression that these hardened warriors were indeed veterans, and had the original weapons, no doubt carried over miriad campaigns.
Here we see the squad Sergeant, with Chain Sward and original Bolt gun and Arm, plus an original helmet.
 Behind and right, another marine with an original Bolt gun, just clicking another clip to his weapon, rear left a marine with one of the Plasma Guns from the classic weapon pack.

The first 5 marines await thier Battle Brothers for undercoating!

The completed squad all undercoated.

Whilst busying myself with constructing my Veteran squad, I was finishing off some of the Models recieved at Orks.

Ork Bikers added to my existing unit brings the count to 6 bikes. 3 was just not enough!

Killer kans. well you just have to, don't you! I had always intending getting these when I had built my Deff Dread, but one thing leads to another, and the purchase is superseded by the new hotness... but finally here they are.

a closer look. I did enjoy making these models, there are lots of options and details you can add to give them the look you are after.

And finally a Trukk. This comes in the Ork Battleforce,together with the Bikes, and 20 boyz yet to be built. I was pleased with my first Forgeworld purchase of the marines, and at Matt's advice I may be looking to add a little something from Forgeworld to my Ork army...hmmm Ork Megadread!


  1. Just finished undercoating my first Black Templar unit - turns out I got the wrong type of glue at model zone the other day -some special glue for transparent parts - takes and age to dry so have undercoated most of them on the sprues.

    Just of to the pub for a celebratory pint

  2. Great to see the cover of Rogue Trader again. That bit of cover art is the reason I've painted up some Crimson Fists and Pedro Kantor.