Friday 18 November 2011

A bit of ECW

Last Sunday, Dave Betts and I had a set too with our 28mm ECW. I fielded my Royalists, complete with a new Pike and Shotte unit, and Dave gave his Covenanters a first go.
 After a bit of Artillery (most of which either missed or missfired for me!) the Royalists advance, with Dragoons supporting my Cavalry on the left, and Firelocks making thier way through the town on the right.
 The Covenanter front line. Dave gave each company stand in the regiment a flag, which I thought quite effective.
 The Royalist Pike blocks. Note the new regiment with Yellow coats and an orange flag. All thanks to my friends donating thier freeby sprue from the Derby show, and my adding a Perry command element, and filling out with some Warlord Armoured Pike I had on the shelf, lovely!
 Some Royalist cavalry try to get the upper hand on my left flank,
 Only to be shot up by Daves Covenanter Dragoons. And very nicely painted they are too.
 Indeed the whole army is nicely all themed together, and looks great, as you see here.
Dave said he was using dead figures to flesh out units so as to get more units from his purchase. I think this is only partly true, as the nice vignettes they form in each unit give them character, and thus make the spacing valid. We both know how many men are left on a stand, and that is what counts.
 A view down my Royalist army lines. Note the Kings Lifeguard of Foote, with the red flag with large St George cross on it. I had expanded thier musketeer units to have a full 12 figures each as opposed to 10, and mighty good it now looks in all it's splendour.
 I fielded 5 P&S units on the day, one Dragoon unit, a Firelock, 4 Cavalry , the Gentlemen Pensioners, 2 Culverins and 2 Sakers. Dave had 4 P&S units, a unit entirely comprising shot, Dragoons, and 2 units of lancers, and 2 light guns and a Frame gun.
 Dave slowly whittled my units down as they advanced. The only real success I had was on the right flank where my Firelock company shot up one of the Scots pike and Shot units from the Town, the rest of it was a poor showing. However a good game, and we must try to get them out once more.may be next time using black powder, and MORE figures!

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