Wednesday 2 November 2011

Force on Force..British Contracting Trouble

I have been busy at work, again, but thankfully I have had time to do a bit of modelling, and go down the club for some Gaming. my latest is with Force on Force, the great rules from Osprey/Ambush Alley. A variation on the Contracting Trouble scenario, with my British Vs Taliban.  Fire team 11C corporal with SA80, GPMG gunner, 2 SA80 riflemen. 11D, NCO with a Minimi gunner, UGL SA80, and 2 SA80 riflemen, 11B nco with SA80, Minimi gunner and 2 SA80 riflemen, one with an AT4 slung on shoulder. All these minis are Britannia, available from Grubby Tanks. Opposing them were various Taliban and foreign Jihadists, with a mixture of AK47, RPD and a Dhsk team.
The players are shown the ground, and thier rescue to hapless Civilian contractors who have wondered in to the middle of Taliban held territory and broken down.
11C and 11B fire team commanders advance thier troops into the battle space. 11B opts to take position on a rooftop, and neutralize an enemy hotspot. However, on the 3 story roof opposite, the Dhsk team opens up on them, wounding one, and supressing them behind the parapet wall.
11C moves forward, and comes under AK and RPG fire, but the Muj get some mediochre rolls, and the Brits roll well, so the squad move further in to town.
11D move on the other flank (near the skip on top right of picture) the hapless contractors cower as a group of muj move in to thier area. A fire fight ensues when 11D pops his head round the side of the those civvies, I shout....Naah, I cant see them behind thier van, says Steve, 11D commander!
Steve (standing) 11D commander, and Mike ,Taliban commander watch as the fire fight produced a fog of war card.....UAV ! Steve W 11C Commander opts to have it circle the area, so as to limit insurgent movement.
11C move up, at least someone has thier eye on the objective!
but for every good deed, some one is lurking with an RPD to make you regret it!
Fire fight ensues, lightly wounding one of the Brits, but also produces another FOW card...BARRICADE....Mike can erect a barricade on a street not traversed by the Brits, and a random number of insergents lie in wait behind it.
All this while, the town rings to the unmistakeable bark of the Dhsk, that by now has been making mincemeat of poor 11B, 1 dead and 2 seriously wounded, the third in a quandary to return fire, or render assistance to his stricken comrades. During this exchange another FOW card is played, a secret card for the Insurgents. A vehicle is ominously placed on the board. Unbenownst to the Brits, this is a VBIED, and will move toward the nearest enemy unit every turn, unless a quality check is made to ID the threat. It drives over to 11D, and as they fail to ID it, blows them to this point Steve W decides to get some payback, and launches a Hellfire from the UAV, with some poor results.....the Brits are not doing too well!, Steve W's 11C team eventually get in to the compound with the Contractors, and are in enfilade to the barricaders..who he then proceeds to wipe out. leaving him able to escort the civvies off board. But a phirric victory indeed!

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