Tuesday 8 November 2011

Challenger Challenge FoF Scenario

Well, I have had some new Challenger 2's and T72's witing patiently for a game, so I re based my Arab Infantry, and had a game....
 Somewhere in Iraq, a town is defended by a platoon of Iraqi Infantry, and 6 T72BM's . British battlegroup, 3 Challenger 2's and 2 Warrior IFV's with 6 Infantry a piece are tasked with capturing the Town.
Martyn sets up the Iraquis in defence,
 barry advances the British armour, The Iraquis fire a salvo of tank shot, and damage the centre Challenger ( note black marker) this is a maneuvre damage, and means the tank only goes half speed...however the return fire is much more devestating.
 2 Iraqi tanks burn in the town, and a third tries to move to a position for firing...it takes a shot, and hits a Worrior, killing one of the Infantry inside. the remainder bail out, and dash for cover in a nearby ruined building. martyn elects to lay down heavy fire from his infantry on this group, and inflicts a casualty and serious wound
 Barry responds by firing at the T72 causing the problem, but merely immobilises it. The infantry return sporadic fire, to little effect. At this point a sand storm flares up, courtesy of one of the Fog of War cards, reducing effective range to 6 inches. but as all combat is at long range this is of little consequence.
 The British elect to halt and give fire from range to neutralize the threat, taking advantage of thier superior armour and guns.
 The long range duel that ensues does indeed reduce the Iraqi tank force, but Barry's infantry try to keep back using the 30mm cannon and GPMG on the Warrior to try and take out well concealed Iraqi infantry,rather than going in and taking the objective.
 One of the Challengers in close up.
 Warriors and supporting Infantry.
 After a massive bombardment, one of the houses catches fire, causing the occupants to evacuate. The iraqis get a FOW card that allows one unit to utilise excellent cover. martyn elects to give this to his forward T72, thus making it a difficult target, with an extra D10 of defence, and it continues trying to hammer at the Challengers. Thier modern armour however saves the day for Barry, and no casualties are made. The infantry in the derelict however, are having a bad day, with wounded and dead making the fire team all but ineffective. With half his Infantry assault troops out of the game, it was probably prudent for barry not to force the decision.
So he continues firing in to the town untill the end of the club night. A thoroughly enjoyable game...I must get more T72's! And probably more Warriors too!


  1. Great stuff! I'm familiar with Ambush Alley, but haven't moved on to FOF, preferring to concentrate on THW's Nuts! rules. Games like this though make me want to try them out after all - brilliant.