Tuesday 6 December 2011

Roman Civil War

A bit of a bumper catch up post today. A couple of Mondays ago, my good chum brian and I decided to have a set too with our Republican Romans, using WAB 2 rules, 1500 pts.
 The set up, with my legion on the left, and Brians on the right.
 Brian began by advancing his Roman Cavalry on his right, and supporting with his
Cretan Archers. on the left his Velites came on from the woods, to a hail of archery from my own Cretan Archers. Undaunted by this barrage, the velites charged up the hill and a desperate fight ensued. On the other flank, I pushed my swarm of 20 Velites to hold off the Cavalry.
 My Cretan archers were victorious but not to the point of decisively defeating Brians Velites, who passed thier morale check.
 Brians maniples advanced in the centre, Hastatii in white, Principes in Blue, Triarii in red.
Exactly the same system as myself. well it is a civil war!
My legion prepares for the fight, in chequer board formation, with my Triarii on one flank to support the Cretans on the hill.
My Velites throw vollies of javelins at thier opponent, but bring down only a few, and then are charged. I elect to fire and flee,a risky maneuvre, but with the Roman Cav starting thier move in rough ground, I figured this would slow them enough to make good my escape. It was not to be, however as my usual poor luck with the dice meant they were cought and destroyed.
 Brian looks for his next move, as his legion come on in echelon formation.
 I charge the nearest unit but things do not go well in the ensuing melee.
 Soon, all units are engaged in the centre, in a chaotic scrum, that leaves no room to utilise the special manipular rules to any great degree. The battle although going well at the start, begins to go against me.
 Just look at the pile of dead on my table edge, compared to Brian!
And so another chapter in Roman history is made, and another would be Emperor has his hands nailed to the Senate door! A great game, and good to get the Republicans out again.

Check out the next post for some of my latest models!

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