Monday 24 February 2014

Greek vs Roman

Another game with Hail Caesar. This time Derek and I try the Greek pincushion up against the. Roman buzzsaw!


It was my first move and the division in the middle failed its order, so the lights, nearest the camera, and the other division moved on slowly. It was only later, on reading the rules for maniples we realise they will nearly always manage at least one move. Here we see Derek making his initial moves.


Phalanx in the main body, lights to the front, and cavalry on one flank.


My lights, 2 units of Velite, with Cretan archers in front, supported by Italian allies. The only regular size unit in my force.


The Greeks come forward, confidently!

Greek cavalry are met by a volley of archery from the Cretans.


The Romans have cavalry too, a unit of light and one of Medium. They take some casualties from the Greek peltasts and archers.

My Romans come on in the tried and tested formation, aha status to the front, principles, then Triari in the rear.

Having dealt with my light troops, the Greek cavalry, itself badly mauled, confront the Italians .

The roman maniples finally get to grips with the Greeks, hurling volleys of pila.

My general urges them on( we gave c in c's leadership of 9 division commanders, 8.


The maniples start to tear apart the Greek phalanx. OK some good dice on my part may have helped!


The meat grinder continues until the end of the evening. I offer Derek an honourable draw, which is graciously accepted, but Derek does concede that in his opinion the Romans had the marginal upper hand.

A great and interesting game. Next week....Saga!!


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