Sunday 2 February 2014

Bolt action goodness

We'll I have finally succumbed and joined many gamers in the playing of Warlord Games great WW2 skirmish system Bolt Action.

My lovely partner gave me the British 500 pt set and a Cromwell, to which I added a die cast Churchill purchased from my local model store.

Last club night they had an outing against my good friend Terry's Germans,with a loaner of my panzer 4, 700 pts a side, I had a 2nd Lt with a sgt, arty observer, Piat team, vickers team, 2 10 man squads with NCO, armed with Sten gun, and a Bren gun. I also included a die cast truck I had for a few years.Terry had 2 squads of Gerry's 10 man with SMG armed NCO , MG 42 and 2 panzerfaust. A 2nd Lt with extra man, an MG42 MMG, and a Panzershrek team, plus my Pz 4.


Terry's Wehrmacht defend a small village, my Pz 4 in support.

My plucky Brits advance!

Supported by my die cast Churchill.



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