Friday 12 November 2010

Gremlin Goodness

So, the malifaux Gremlins are now painted. I decided to have a bit of a clear out and general tidy in the gaming room...too many half done projects on the the Gremlins took longet to get to the blog than I thought, but not long in actual brush on mini time!
Ophelias crew all done and dusted.

Pere Ravage. I liked painting this mini, as it is perhapse the most ammusing and characterfull. I had to do a little modification to the base, as the slot would have put the two minis in a line, and I wanted a more dynamic pose. The easy solution of course, to cut another slot transecting the first, and put the pig in that.
The next thing , of course is to work out how to play this crew. As I said last time, they copy the Ortegas, so are a shooty crew, and they have similar (kin) companion rules to the Ortegas. But as Ophelia is Henchman*6 this means she can act as a master, but have an extra 6 soulstones to recruit her crew, so on a 25 stone game she can recruit 31 points of minis...nice! This is probably as Henchmen don't (I think!) have the inate ability to use soul stones as masters do, unless thier profile specifies they do of course!

here are the Bayou Gremlins, they all have the same stats,but the minis are fun.

and the Warpig I painted a few months ago. Lookingthrough the Rising Powers book there are alot of interesting minis to add to the gremlins, like the Pigapault...I have got to get me one 'o those!
 Now for a bit of a completist thing...and you know how us geeks are completists.. the other box sets I have.

Lileths crew, the first set I purchased. I have Young Nephalim as well (oh yes and one to paint up too!) a very dangerous lady!

Marcus. A beast of a crew! I have another Cerebus, but maybe not my fave crew to use at the moment.

The cult of December. Rasputinas crew were nice to paint up. I have some AT43 Crystals based on 50mm bases and painted for use as Ice Crystal counters.

So there we have it......I am already started on the next project, the ECW Cavalry !!

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