Friday 5 November 2010

ECW Kings Life Guard Project

After a little contemplation, and on finding some really old, but nice figures, I have decided to make the Kings Lifeguard Regiment in metal, rather than a Warlord plastic kit. A few weeks back at Derby I found some nice looking musketeers in a bargain bin. After looking around I found that they are from the Perry range  ECW 31 to be precise. A couple of weeks later, on doing out the spare room, I came across a forgotten box of minis, inside of which were alot of old ECW castings. This discovery has given me the idea of making this new regiment from a core of these miniatures.
 Firstly I had to do a re colouring of the pantaloons and jerkin of the pikemen, then mount them on Rendera bases, the minis are old Hinchliffe swiss, I think, but with 3/4 armour, and looking like they ought to be Royal Guard, I think they might fit the bill.

I still will have to touch up the faces, and moustache, plus ink,but Ithink I like the look.
Next I needed a command unit, I found a suitable drummer, and using a Warlord pikeman as a standard bearer, and a gentleman from one of the Warlord Club Men sets, I had my pikeblock.
 now, those musketeers, only eight of them. not enough to give the look of a regiment, I will need to order some more. A quick look on the Perry site and I found and ordered two packs of six. These came very quickly, two days after ordering in fact, most impressive.
 On opening the jiffy bag, one is instantly reminded of the old Minifigs Hinchliffe or Skytrex packaging, not the modern blister, but a box lined with cotton wool. This indeed makes the purchaser feel he has a quality product.

On closer inspection the sculpts are indeed the quality you would expect from the Perry twins.

As they come....still need cleaning up

And some pictures of the original castings based on Rendra 20mm bases, and primed black

I will keep you updated on this project as it progresses

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