Monday, 15 November 2010

Gamescon Leicester

On Sunday 14th November was the first Gamescon Leicester. Held at the Racecouse in the City.
 I was taking part in the AT43 tournaments. As usual, I came last ( hence Dice like Dave, as the title of this blog!). For all that it was a great inaugral convention, with a good selection of traders. Unfortunately due to forgetting the key to thier trailer, the Bitz Box had to turn around and go home, a shame. The ground floor had the traders, and a lone club display from our own Bedford Gladiators, with the Elven Civil war game we displayed at Colours back in 09.

Here are some shots from Colours 09 of the game, as I didn't get to take any pics of the game at Leicester. But you get the idea! Basicly the game is Pickets Charge from the battle of Gettysburg, with High elves as the Union, and Dark elves as the confederates.

A couple of shots from the AT43 tournament, the top pic shows my Cog Sharpshooters, and Marauder taking cover from the Red Bloc, below Dave Brown of the Cranfield Conquerors, and long time AT43 devotee.Note the prize pool behind him, that just managed to get to the Con, before Rackham whent into liquidation.

 The upstairs gaming area also saw CCG tournamentss of magic and Yu Gi OH. And Warmachine ,Warhammer, Flames of War and 40K tournies,all well supported.
 In the moments between tournament rounds, I had a great time looking over the traders, and chatting to fellow gamers. The first purchase was some Malifaux miniatures, the Hog Whisperer, and some Piglets..well the Gremlins are sort of addictive! Next I decided I wanted a new box game. Mark  ( )was very helpfull in advising me on the various games on offer. Eventually I purchased a copy of Runebound .
This looked a good fantasy adventure, and Mark described it as Talisman for adults. As soon as the fact that there were figures in the box wa mentioned, I was sold!

 On getting it home I opened the box, sorted out the pieces, which badly needed some form of storage, beond an area for the cards and the models and dice, the plethora of card counters were relegated to a large recess in the box. A quick look round and I found an old plastic container that one housed a Flames of War US mechanised set,this is ideal and I soon had the components sorted and ready for a game. I read through the rules, and it seemed that he game must be from a similar line to another game of mine, Descent. on looking up the FFG site, I was more convinced as some of the expansions (games always have expansions it seems, nowerdays!) there are some shared miniatures with Descent, a nice surprise!

The figure painting goes on a pace in the mean time. Whilst the Warlord Royalist cavalry were drying after being primed, I set to work on 10 cavalry in lobster pot helmets that were in that box of Miniatures I found a couple of weeks ago. They are nearly done now, just needing a guidon and basing...update soon!

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