Friday 10 June 2011

Force on Force Table

Since purchasing the Force on Force rule book at Salute, I have become aware that we have a serious shortage of suitable terrain at the club. Well on Tuesday, I was in Focus,our local DIY superstore, and I only then became aware that the shop was closing down, and had lots of stock on special offer. Time to build the boards! I thought, so collected materials, and a hot glue gun. Tuesday was spent then creating the buildings, weds afternoon painting the basic colour, and thursday painting details, and texturing the base. Now we have some pics of the finished product.
 General view of the board. As I had purchased 2 wall insulation sheets, of 1200mm x 500mm, I decided to cut them to 3ft long, and use the off cut to create the cores for the buildings. So we have a 1metre by 3 feet board. The buildings once cut out, were then faced with core board, I purchased from a stationers, with windows and doors cut out. Walls were the same fome board mounted on stiff card. I then painted with a textured exterior wall paint, and applied a sparse burst of desert colour spray paint from the Army painter range. Be sure that if you try this, you have totaly coated the polystyrene in the wall paint,( which is water based!) as the arosol paint will react with the polystyrene, melting it. The arch was a model I have had for some time, but looks good on the layout.
US Infantry move into the town. Models are mostly Caesar miniatures plastics 20mm, but the SAW gunners are Revell, the Caesar box had none in! However they match very well.
Insurgent RPG team wait to ambush the Americans. Again, Caesar Miniatures plastics.
 Another RPG ambush! The game is set for the start of the Contracting Trouble scenario in the FoF Rulebook
 An old truck I found and painted up for use as the Contractors vehicle. I have to find some 20mm civilians now to act as the Contractors! maybe Hornby Railway figures may do, I will check it out!
More assorted Caesar Miniatures insergents engage the US patrol.
Another RPG gunner waits in the Archway covering the Contractors Truck.
Just for some variety, a pic of one of my M1 Abrahms , not in the scenario, but a good pic!
And the Bradley....same reason!
 I have also scratch built some Re Enforcement markers for the game, and downloaded some game tokens for overwatch and so on from the Yahoo group forum.
A good resource area for fans of the rules.
 The first game on my new board is scheduled for club nite on Monday 13th June. I will publish the battle report, of course!


  1. I like it, nice work and would love to game on it.

  2. Cheers Angry! I liked the modern stuff on your blog..trouble is for some reason I can't post on anyones site any more...try to, then can't get past the security log in bit, despite the info being accurate and answering the log in questions correctly.damn tech!

  3. see, I had to come on as anony mouse!

  4. Nice terrain.

    had similar problems reported from people posting on my blog. Doesn't effect everyone so maybe its their/your settings? Have you tried clearing your cache? Probably won't help but its worth a try.