Tuesday 14 June 2011

Contracting Trouble Tryout

As promised, the report on our game of Force on Force using the new terrain.
     We added some of the resin buildings, and street clutter that Steve owns to the layout, then set up the Contracting Trouble scenario from the FoF rulebook.
Steve, on the right controlled the Insurgents, and Peter (centre) and Richard (left) had a US fire team each. I managed the rules.
The US force comes in to the town, warily to rescue two hapless contractors who have wandered in to a dangerous area and whos vehicle had then broken down.
Insurgents soon start engaging the Americans from every corner. However due to the US superior training and fire power, they manage to work thier way further in to the town, each fire team covering the other with over watch on every bound forward. At the end of each turn Steve rolled for re enforcements, then rolled on the" Hot Spot" location to see where they appeared.
 The two unfortunate contractors near thier broken down VW van await rescue. The Insurgents using them as bait to lure the US forces further in to a killing zone.
But there is a long way to go, with deadly AK47 fire fom every angle and rooftop.
The US only suffer one light wound and one serious wound, but manage to dispatch many jihadists to paradise.
More shooting as the US get towarda the objective. Steve rolls a 1 on a reaction test, and recieves a fog of war card, that informs him he may set up a road block on a road not previously traversed by the coalition player. He sets it up near the Contractors, but out of site of the US fireteams.
Good use of the petrol tanker, as the barracade! However, the first US fireteam manage to get to the Contractors, then move back out, supported by the second fireteam on overwatch,blasting away with thier SAW and 40mm UGL.
 A brilliant game, and lots of fun. I am really enjoying Force on Force, thanks to Neil Shuck for introducing me to it on the Meeples and Miniatures Podcast.


  1. Nice game. Great new table too!

  2. Good game, good scenery and figures, very nicely done.

  3. Impressive AAR, I tend to use 15mm for Ambush Alley (FoF)and am now also moving into THW rules and their emphasis on man-to-man skirmish-level scraps. Great stuff all as

  4. ...whoops! (posting by phone and dodgy connection)Should read: Great stuff all round!

  5. Thanks all, and welcome Monty. I checked out your blog, nice FoF table. I am having issues posting on other peoples blogs at present, but nice to have you in our little circle!

  6. Nice job on your blog too Donogh, liking the corn fields.