Sunday, 10 April 2011

WW2 Action

April.s All Day Sunday meeting at the Bedford Gladiators. I decided to try CrusaderMiniatures 28mm WW2 Skirmish rules, Rate of Fire. I had played the infantry action rules that were part of the original basic set, but not had opportunity to try the Tank suppliment that came out at the end of last year.
Nial, Terry and Steve came in for a game with my new Fallshrimjager 2 squads, an MG42 HMG and 50mm mortar, with a StuG 3G and a 50mm gun, vs my US infantry, 3 squads, .30 Cal, 61mm mortar and 3 shermans.
 Nial and I situated the Germans in Defence, and then the US forces came on table. Terry took one flank, and lead on an infantry squad and the .30, Steve took the other with one infantry squad.
Move 2, and terry took the hill to his front, and brought on a sherman in support, he also lead the third aquad on the right flank. Steve brought on another Sherman in support of his squad on the left flank. Nial opened fire on Terry's Sherman with the 50mm, but missed. Having revealed it's position, the .30 and the infantry squad on the hill made short work of taking it out. Steve then advanced his squad to the hedgeline where the 50mm had been. There then ensued a fire fight with Nial's FJ squad in the woods on the other side of the road, beyond the hedgerow. In turn 3 I decided to move our MG42 to support Nials squad by firing in enfilade along the road at Steves Squad. I also decided to try and work along Terry's flank and advanced the StuG and a squad of FJ.

Turn 4 saw Terry counter this move by bringing on the 3rd Sherman to support the right flank, and pushing up 3rd squads Bazooka team. A fire fight ensued with my FJ squad and the yanks on the Hill, meanwhile the StuG engaged the nearest Sherman, and missed, the Shermans returned fire, with similar results. Well everyone was moving! Steve's Sherman on the other flank fired on my MG42, taking out a crewman, and Terry's mortars supressed Nial's squad in the wood,suppoeting Steves hard pressed squad who likewize had been supressed by concentrated HMG and small arms fire.
Turm 5 and the tanks engaged at short range and now at the halt. The Stug hit the nearest sherman in the turret, but the shot blew clear out the other side. The German was not so fortunate as the 75mm shell took out the Stug, leaving the surviving crew to crawl out .the other Sherman took aim at the MG42 again, taking out another crewman, but a good morale roll meant it stayed on station. Our own mortar came in to action now, throwing a bomb in to the US troops on the hill, but to no effect. There now ensued a fire fight on my side of the table between my squad and the US 3rd squad supporting Terry's right flank. At this juncture time was against us and we had to stop the game. But an enjoyable game, and a good set of rules. I endorse these to anyone interested in WW2 skirmish games.

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